What are the major differences between using OpenVPN and using VPN over OpenSSH?

Does adding a virtual tunnel interface to a SSH connection offer the same benefits of OpenVPN? Can PuTTY be used on Windows to use the "layer-3 IP-in-SSH tunnelling" protocol described in the article? The article states there are no Windows clients that use this protocol.

Motivation: I'm looking into remotely connecting to a home server and attempting to learn about the necessary security measures. Within the LAN, I'm used to logging into the server from my laptop via SSH. Outside the LAN, however, I would like to connect to my server and have my traffic be encrypted.


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    OpenVPN should already encrypt the traffic, so using that inside another SSH tunnel just looks like a performance bottleneck since you'll be encrypting the traffic two times (re-encrypting the already encrypted VPN traffic). – user42178 Sep 26 '14 at 17:28
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    Creating a tunnel over SSH (TCP) has some negative performance implications because of how TCP works. See: sites.inka.de/~W1011/devel/tcp-tcp.html – Zoredache Nov 4 '14 at 19:21

I don't see any security issue there. SSH is supposed to be secure and all the data are passed thru the SSH tunnel. So, yes, I believe it is secure enough. The only issue I see is efficiency. SSH is TCP protocol. TCP traffic is passed through an another TCP protocol. The packets are double "acknowledged" by the 2-layer of TCPs. Better protocols are built on UDP or even IP.

I've never used SSH tunnel like this. I have only experience with SOCK V5 protocol (ssh -D), and I haven't realised any significant network speed degradation issue.

Sorry for trolling, but I can't help myself... Unsupported windows platform isn't an issue for me, since I don't use any window :-)

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    yeah, forgetting about Windows tends to simplify a lot of problems – Display Name Aug 26 '15 at 16:54

So on your home LAN you connect to the server via SSH. Then why do you need VPN? You can use SSH directly without VPN. SSH is encrypted. Maybe you need VPN for other reasons, but if not, SSH is good enough.

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