I'm evaluating the security of an Android application and the application is using the XmlPullParser included with Android.

I'm having some difficulty getting any common attacks to work, but I want to be sure I haven't missed any possibilities. What are the minimum requirements/features this parser needs to have enabled for XXE processing attacks to be successful?

In particular I am looking at whether the features for XmlPullParser.FEATURE_PROCESS_NAMESPACES and XmlPullParser.FEATURE_PROCESS_DOCDECL are enabled or not.

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Well I can answer my own question now, at least in part.

The application I was examining has a default instance of XmlPullParser with only FEATURE_PROCESS_NAMESPACES disabled. I was able to get the Billion Laughs entity attack to work. My issue what I was not putting the entity in the right child element of the expected XML response.

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