What are the properties of Lock-a-folder?

  • does it create plain-text temporary files anywhere? (e.g. ntfs artifacts, etc)
  • does it allow running a program from the folder as if it was a normal folder?
  • is it easy to backup and restore?
  • does it use a well known format that could be decrypted easily via a custom made program? (say if the apocalypse happens and you no longer have the program)?
  • other useful info on it?

Basically I want to know if this is a reasonable way to keep my data secure.


Considering that Lock-a-folder is no longer supported by its developers, I would definitely say NO, it is not a safe option for securing data.

Developer have abandoned this Project and will not reply to any queries. You can use this code at your own risk. Anyone interested in further development of this project can clone or contribute. https://code.google.com/p/lock-a-folder/

You'll be much better off with a more well known file encryption utility, like one of Truecrypt's successors (like https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/) or GPG.

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