I understand that there are many security issues associated with Bluetooth's "discoverable" mode, and have avoided it where I can. However new features of many systems (e.g. Apple's Handoff/Continuity) rely on having Bluetooth's "advertising" mode always on.

Is Bluetooth's "advertising" mode more secure than "discoverable" mode? Are the modes distinct from a security-issues perspective?

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    With a specification over 2600 pages long (version 4.1) and dozens of headings related to the two "advertising" modes, it certainly takes more than a casual reading to figure out what one should or shouldn't be careful of!
    – BrianH
    Oct 22 '14 at 14:50

Discoverable is trying to bind connections, while advertising is broadcasting with only partial access to BLE protocol stack. Because it never connects, advertising should be more secure wherever applicable. The article below gives a very complete description of advertising.

"A non-connectable undirected advertising type signals to scanning devices that the advertising device will not support a data connection - only broadcast information."

Bluetooth LE Advertising Mode

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