I am using xsser for XSS vulnerability testing and I have a doubt about the parameters when it's a POST method. I have tried against DVWA (which uses get) with success like this:

xsser -u "http://server.com/vulnerabilities/" -g "xss_r/?name=" --cookie="PHPSESSID=vjs31bec4gfvob6bcjmau2a644; security=low" -s

Now, against a web that uses post in the url and a form I have tried this without success, it seem malformer url, this is the url: http://server.com/post.php?id=1

xsser -u "http://server.com/post.php?id=1" -p "title=1234&author=12r&text=++++++++12r&submit=Enviar+consulta" -s

xsser -u "http://server.com/post.php?id=1" -p "?title=1234&author=12r&text=++++++++12r&submit=Enviar+consulta" -s

xsser -u "http://server.com/" -p "post.php?title=1234&author=12r&text=++++++++12r&submit=Enviar+consulta" -s

None of this have working, any idea¿? By the way, I got the values of the post with Live HTTP Headers in firefox. Thank you in advance

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