I admit that I know very little about torrents. There seems to be very little point in encryption them as an ISP can detect the torrent protocol and a user might then have some explaining to do (which a search of their PC might make difficult).

My question (which shows how little I know of torrents) is this - for HTTP one can have end to end encryption, using a service such as JAP which hides the requested URl from the ISP. Is there an equivalent for torrents? Is that what VPNs do?

If one was looking for a VPN, where would one find one which is fast, keeps no logs, has a track record of several years, and is preferably located offshore & has never revealed any details of its users?

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    HTTPS also hides (most of) the URL of a HTTP query from your ISP. They'll only see the IP of the remote host and possibly the preceding DNS query with the host name. – David Foerster Nov 2 '14 at 14:58

Yes, a VPN would mask your HTTP requests as they would be routed through the tunnel. Unless your ISP is somehow exploiting a weakness in the VPN protocol and decrypting the traffic, they would not see the requests.


In addition to VPN, try also to use another DNS than your ISP's DNS too; to prevent DNS leak. There are many public ones including Google's public DNS.


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