So with a typical website, perhaps the fastest and most effective (arguably) way to secure the site is to add a simple .htaccess and restrict by ip addresses:

ALLOW from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

but I want to access my website via an approved iphone. Is there an equivalent way to do something like the .htaccess and add each approved device? I doubt the logic will be in an .htaccess file but the end goal is to have a secure device (iphone) that is pre-authenticated to my site without every having the end user enter a site-specific password.

A partial example of this would be how Apple assigns provisioning certificates to a developer's Iphone so that only that developer may run an app that is not released yet.

Once again, I am looking for a solution that never asks for a password (at least not from my website).


You can use Apache's mod_ssl to authenticate against client certificates.

The example is from cacert.org, but you can create your own CA to accomplish the same goal.


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