I am confused. I would like to know if dll hijacking and dll injection are the same or are they different. I know that some malware use it to do malicious things.

thank you in advance


DLL Hijacking is when you abuse the library search order to gain execution in a process. Being able to write to the directory an executable resides in allows a malicious actor the ability to drop a dll with the same name as one the executable will request via LoadLibrary. When the executable attempts to load the expected library, they will instead load the malicious one.

  • A legitimateish use for DLL Hijacking could be to add functionality to a third party tool that doesn't directly support plugins.

  • The finer details are explained by MSDN in the LoadLibrary entry.

  • See also this SO Question

DLL Injection on the other hand is where a running process is manipulated to load a desired library. MSDN details a way to do so without directly touching the process, through SetWindowsHookEx. Another way is to open a process, write the desired library name into its memory space, and then create a thread in the process to call LoadLibrary using that name as the buffer. This second way is covered in a SO Question

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