I would like to configure local honeypot on windows xp which is installed on vmware, to do so I follow instruction on this link, but as I am new I don't know how can I configure routing infrastructure so that the appropriate network traffic gets passed to the honeypot machine. could any one help me with this?

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It's a honeypot. Who do you want to catch?

If you want to catch random people scanning your network, put it on your DMZ with a publicly accessible host name. Something juicy like, financial01.yoursite.com.

If you want to catch someone who has already penetrated your network and is poking around, put it behind a router with a bunch of other machines. Again, choose an identity for it that will catch attention -- 100 open ports, maybe?

A honeypot is your way to solicit the attention of bad people. Put it where they will look. Then wait.

Also, read the answers for this question. It discusses a lot of the things you're looking for, and elaborates on how you can protect the rest of your network from all the attention your honeypot will get.

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