Wi-fi security:

  • WPS disabled
  • WPA2-PSK + AES + 54.000 SECONDS(15h) Group Key Update Period
  • UpnP disabled
  • Spi firewall enable
  • All ALG enable
  • Ignore ping packet from WAN and Lan to router
  • Default password changed -Firmware up to date -Remote management disabled

Computer on networks:

  • 2 WIN7 Machines
  • All have all recents updates
  • All use google chrome with adblock with full filters option + ghostery blocking everything + https everywhere + privacy badger
  • None have java,adobe, one dont have windows office at all and one have
  • All have Microsoft Security Essentials, Comodo Firewall, Win Patrol and malwarebytes anti-exploit up to date
  • All ports set to stealth
  • All scans did with internet disabled show the pcs is clean

Mobiles on networks:

Iphones - not much i know i can do for increase security with iphones, any tip i would appreciate Androids- All runs Comodo Firewall antivirus on them, no record of problems so far, dont know more i can do for them

Other than that i have a few chromecasts and a wifi printer but it just get on when we needed I tried to close as many doors i know , but anything more i can do for added security would be good to know, also i want to know why comodo keeps blocking packets that seems to come from my PCS on lan, like my pc sends a packet for the other pc, and comodo blocks it for some reason, but why my pcs is sending packets anyway? Should i worry? Sorry for any mistake, english is not my first language, i hope this can show people doors that they haven't close, i want to be safer as possible...i'm going to set up a vpn soo too, i just need to convince my family that it worth it! I want the whole network safer and only possible to be hacked by pro hackers and govs, but i will make the harder i can

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  • I assume being connected to the internet is a requirement? :p – Darsstar Dec 18 '14 at 7:56
  • Nott - this question makes no sense unless you can articulate what you are protecting yourself from? what assets are you protecting? What is your risk appetite/tolerance etc? Darsstar's comment is perfectly valid for some threat models. That said, your actions are all likely to improve your security, but there is no combination that will remove the threat of attack completely. Have you looked at filling your USB ports with glue? Wiring a gauss gun to an intrusion sensor to wipe your hard disk etc... – Rory Alsop Dec 18 '14 at 10:18