Considering a site that handles large POST data, would it be unreasonable and dangerous to set the php.ini max_input_vars to something like 100000?

I know this is a vector for DOS attacks, but don't other configurations such as post_max_size help to prevent that? Are there any ways to safeguard against hash collisions while still having max_input_vars set at a high value?

Other considerations would be the effect on GET and cookies. Can someone please explain the consequences of this configuration and the exploits involved?

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The vulnerability is about hash collisions and not necessary about the size of the request.

So yes setting the directive to a higher value is probably not a smart idea (even when you are limiting the post_max_size or any of the other related directives).

Also if you need to set it to something like 100000 you should really reconsider what you are doing in most cases.

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