There are few shared folders in my company that are accessed by applications from different branches across the country for different transactions. Hence they are kept "open". During a recent PT exercise, this was reported as a finding. Though no write access is given, I understand that this is a security risk. The application owners claim that securing the shared folders would disrupt the normal running of the applications. I was wondering if there can be a secure set up so that only the designated applications can access these shares?

  • bAdb bOy there is really insufficient information to answer your question. As StackzOfZtuff notes, you could run the applications under a service account, but that will depend a bit on the architecture of the application. It would help if you added the following information: 1) are the applications web based, client/server or simple clients running on distributed machines. 2) are they locally developed applications that can be altered if necessary and 3) do they read write or just read?
    – DodgyG33za
    Jan 7, 2015 at 1:22

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You could try to run the applications with application specific user accounts and then restrict access to only them.

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