I brought this really great laptop, but I cannot find something that I can lock the laptop physically to the desk or prevent a thief from grabbing this laptop.
There is no "universal" hole there that 99% of the laptops have... not that ive noticed at... (I mean thing like that: http://www1.dealextreme.com/productimages/sku_0045_1.jpg)

What would be a good solution, for physically protecting a laptop that does not support standard laptop locks?

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  • Have you read this question? security.stackexchange.com/questions/7205/…
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  • @AviD makes a great point about keeping it a generalized question, but it may help if you provide a link or description of the laptop/manufacturer.
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Why don't you put it to the locked cabinet or locked drawer in your desk? Keep it simple.

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    These are good solutions but are of course not portable.
    – this.josh
    Oct 5, 2011 at 20:01

There are a few existing laptop-locking devices which can be adapted to laptops which do not feature a Kensington security slot; e.g. my friend Google found this and that. They are relatively clunky apparatus which grips around the laptop around its main hinge; I have not used any, but I believe such a system can be effective, in the following sense: a thief would have to considerably damage the laptop in order to steal it. Still, they are a bit lacking on the glamourous side of things.

Are you sure your laptop has no Kensington hole ? These are pretty standard nowadays.


There are some "luggage safes" that will let you wrap your kit up in a metal mesh that is lockable. Sample (this one is aimed at a large backpack, but they also make some for smaller things). Lockable laptop bag.

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