Suppose I open a signed mail on 1st January 2000, signature is OK. What about this two cases :

1) If next CRL is to be published one week later, I found it strange that it is “probably” valid until next CRL, this mean that I should wait one week to “trust” the signature ?

2) I re-opened it on 31st January 2000, the signature is marked as invalid/revocated. How can I know from when exactly it became invalid ?


Yes, if it is set to be revoked the next week when a new CRL is set to be released, I would wait.

Given that you said and put quotations around "probably" in reference to being valid for the remaining week, this would be a red flag to me and again, I would wait the week until next CRL. If access is not absolutely necessary and required for business operations...I would wait.

To determine when a cert. has been revoked, you can use the command line for windows and a few commands to generate an output file with this information. Details of how to do so are here:


This is for Windows systems only. For linux systems visit:


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