I am facing the following problematic: I want people to send me softwares they develop, then I want to share them to other people, in sandboxed mode, that is to say with no need to have a sandbox software...

For example, you have softwares that can manage archives, and you have auto-extracted archives.

I'd like to know if this kind of software exists: you just give it the software you want to wrap, and it gives you a sandboxed type of this soft... Then you can share it to anybody with trust that it won't harm their computer.

Do anyone know about that on the Windows OS?

EDIT: Solution found, but I am still looking for one that would be free.

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What about using a virtual Machine (VMWare for example and creating an "Appliance") where you put the software in. This is not meeting "no need to have a sandbox software" however.

  • If it was just for me that would be no problem, but I want to make it easy for other users, but someone gave me a correct answer on Stackoverflow – GianT971 Oct 21 '11 at 10:41

Someone gave me one solution in my original post on stackoverflow. If someone knows about this kind of solution as freeware or under opensource licence, please let me know.

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