Tried a lot get my test csr signed from root CA(trial versions option), somehow i am not getting it dues to some of their internal check. Few questions that cropped up

  1. Can i somehow signed that myself ?(its only for learning purpose)
  2. any CA who can sign it on trial basis(which worked for some one)

went through many posts/blogs but couldn't find the answers

post1 post2

UPDATE on next Question

While downloading the certificate, it popped up saying "creating a private key” with passphrase. 1. Why it’s asking to create a private key? What is its use? (say PK1) 2. While creating the CSR, i already had the private key (SAY PK2). Are PK1 and PK2 same? 3. Someone from CA can also get it, like i did, so how it’s not vulnerable to attack?

I completed the wizard, and downloaded the certificate with PK1.

I referred all the possible below links but not getting above answers.

post3 post4


Trial certs
There are several CAs that will generate short-lived trial certificates for you.
Here's one:

Short certs
And there are some CAs that will generate longer lived free certificates for you. StartCOM/StartSSL has been doing this for several years.

StartCom on Wikipedia
Instructions on DigitalOcean

Own CA
There are several tutorials online about how to roll your own CA with OpenSSL.

I prefer Ivan Ristic's booklet: "OpenSSL cookbook". (Subsection called "Creating a Private Certification Authority" (Bottom third of page.)

  • I tried with startssl.com. I got the certificate signed from them leading to next set of questions I am editing my original question to add up new doubts/queries
    – Pallab
    Mar 6 '15 at 8:23
  • Could you put it in a new question, please? (There's a sort of "One question per question" rule/guideline.) Mar 13 '15 at 8:12

You can use OpenSSL to generate your own personal certificate authority that you can use for testing purposes.

Here is one example: http://www.dylanbeattie.net/docs/openssl_iis_ssl_howto.html

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