I had two incidents .

  1. I added john to my skype account and i exchaged few messages. Then i went home and was checking facebook . Then at right side i saw Do you know john and it was his acoount

  2. Then i had stored one person in mobile phone with name and phone and i never had any contact with him. But i still sometime see his name in do you know him . I have no mutual friends with as well.

Does it mean that facebook read my phone contacts and skype messages

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    Facebook is evil and you should've known that. Installing any of their software on your main phone/computer is suicide, just use the browser instead, which doesn't allow it to read any personal data.
    – user42178
    Mar 19, 2015 at 14:09

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Yes, that, and a lot more if you use their mobile app. Also, they are not alone on harvesting everything; always read the app permissions list before installing an app, and consider whether you are willing to share your data with the app maker...

FB app permissions on Android

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