Null Session means using unauthenticated SMB session to IPC$ share and accessing the resources anonymously using the RPC function calls in SMB

Since The Processes running Under Local System Account do not have Username/Password so they used unauthenticated Null session during SMB authentication to access remote computer in earlier versions of windows, Does a process running under Local System Still use unauthenticated SMB session to access remote network in recent version of windows ?

When Windows boots it creates several logon sessions like NT Authority/Local System, Nt Authority /Local Service, NT Authority /Network Service etc. including NT Authority /Anonymous Logon used for unauthenticated SMB Null session Locally or Remotely. My second question is it Theoretically/Practically Possible to Logout of this session ( NTAuthority /Anonymous Logon) and later login, what security risks can it present in windows Platform

Using Logonsessions a tool from sysinternals we can see these Logon sessions, Here we can see Ananymous Logon Session Used for unauthenticated SMB connection in Windows server 2003

Logon session 00000000:0000e0cc:
Auth package: NTLM
Logon type:   Network
Session:      0
Sid:          S-1-5-7
Logon time:   13/04/2015 03:49:39
Logon server:
DNS Domain:

To be more specific there are only two questions here:

  1. Can a processes running under local system account in windows 8.1 trying to access a Local/Remote network resource can still use Null session during SMB authentication?

  2. Can we logout of NT Authority /Anonymous Logon session that starts when windows boots and is session used for anonymous/null session and if possible what security risks it presents to recent windows platform ?

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