Is there a way to remotely retrieve the UID of a user via a Samba share?

I can get the user list with:

rpcclient -W 'WORKGROUP' -c querydispinfo -U''%'' '' 2>&1

index: 0xa RID: 0x4c0 acb: 0x00000011 Account: foo Name: foo    Desc: (null)

Or I can cycle the RIDs with

rpcclient -W 'WORKGROUP' -c enumdomusers -U''%'' '' 2>&1

user:[foo] rid:[0x4c0]

Or I can try and query the user directly:

rpcclient -W 'WORKGROUP' -U''%'' '' -c 'lookupnames foo' 2>&1
foo S-1-5-21-1042354039-2475377354-766472396-1216 (User: 1)

However, I can't see a way to retrieve the user's UID.

Is this possible, short of finding an anonymous share that allows access to /etc/passwd?

Note that am asking from the point of view of an attacker enumerating the network and its users, not from the point of view of someone setting up a home Samba network.

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