Suppose F(X) = (5X) mod 9 is used to generate a one time password.

I am supposed to generate the first 8 values using the above formula, starting with the seed value of F(5)

Well I know that F(5) = ( 5 * 5) mod 9 gives me 7. Thats my first value. But what about the rest of them?

I know what the answers will be, but I'm not sure on how to use the formula to get these values?

Answer: 5,7,8,4,2,1,5,7

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For the rest use formula:

f(x)=(5*x) mod 9

For example if you have f(5)=7 the next step is

f(x)=(5*7) mod 9 = 35 mod 9 = 8

and so on


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