I'm trying to use Hydra on an ASP web application. Their login page uses the following method:

site/Login: username/password

If successful, I am redirect back to site/Login but with a newly set cookie, then redirected to site/Home

If authentication is not successful, the site shows an error message on site/Login

I've tried the following command:

hydra <ip> http-post-form "site/Login.aspx:< args >:S=moved" -l test -p test

However, this returns true for each user/pass combination. How can I make Hydra follow the redirection and work properly?

edit: It seems that Hydra is not able to create an SSL connection. I cannot see why it cannot do this.


You can use -S if you want to enable SSL

  • it might be helpful to also include a reference to the commandline options
    – schroeder
    Sep 7 '17 at 19:36

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