I want to refer with my question directly to a question posted on the forum before. wifi topic

I am running teamviewer on my android which is not rooted and i am not using a firewall on it. I guess Teamviewer could run such services AJ Henderson is reckoning in his answer that could be tried to get accessed by other computers on the network.

I also guess that if such a service would allow other computers to access them this would be a serious security vulnerability that one might read about in an article in a computer magazine when discovered or am i wrong with this assumption?

Since this question was put on hold i want to add the following sentences.

I don't understand how it would happen that some other PC using the same router is attacking me or a program i am using, could someone please describe what exactly would happen on the attacker side, how the attacker would see which programs i am using that he could try to attack and what roughly would be the next steps the attacker would take.

Also i am asking myself if ufw default deny all incoming is sufficient protection against those kind of attacks.


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