From OpenPGP specification (RFC 4880) section 13.8 (Reserved Algorithm Numbers):

The reserved public-key algorithms, Elliptic Curve (18), ECDSA (19),
and X9.42 (21), do not have the necessary parameters, parameter
order, or semantics defined.

But GnuPG has ECC support. What they use as a reference? How other developers could support ECC and read messages from GnuPG with ECC?


While OpenPGP in the current revision is defined by RFC 4880, there are two additional RFCs providing extensions:

  • RFC 5581 defines the Camellia Cipher in OpenPGP
  • RFC 6637 defines elliptic curve cryptography in OpenPGP

Furthermore, a draft for EdDSA signatures is already proposed. GnuPG 2.1 already implements this draft.


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