I recently purchased a new OontZ Angle Plus bluetooth speaker and I believe that it has been hacked.

I can't connect any of my devices to it, the bluetooth light indicates that it has been paired with a device, and if I turn my bluetooth on with my computer I will receive never ending messages to connect to an apple mouse (which I don't have, and this will only happen when the speaker is on).

This will happen no matter how often I turn the speaker on and off. It worked for about a week when I first purchased it but no longer.

  1. Is it possible to hack this speaker? I'm fairly sure it is.

  2. Can I fix it?

  3. Can I figure out who is doing it?

The speaker is at my house and to the best of my knowledge my neighbors would not be capable of doing anything like this.

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    Why do you believe it has been hacked instead of it simply being faulty?
    – schroeder
    Aug 3, 2015 at 17:50

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I doubt the speaker was "hacked" :) It could either be a defect or broken speaker, or if you ordered it used from Ebay, it could already be paired. I don't think that your neighbors even know you bought a speaker, and looking online aren't any security problems with that specific speaker.

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