In PKCS7 / CMS, for the signed-data content type, there's a CertifcateChoices field in the certicates field in SignedData that is a SET of CertificateChoices. CertificateChoices is defined thusly:

   CertificateChoices ::= CHOICE {
     certificate Certificate,
     extendedCertificate [0] IMPLICIT ExtendedCertificate,  -- Obsolete
     v1AttrCert [1] IMPLICIT AttributeCertificateV1,        -- Obsolete
     v2AttrCert [2] IMPLICIT AttributeCertificateV2,
     other [3] IMPLICIT OtherCertificateFormat }

AttributeCertificateV2 is defined as follows:

   AttributeCertificateV2 ::= AttributeCertificate

But where is AttributeCertificate defined? I did Ctrl+F in my browser for in RFC5652 (the RFC defining PKCS7 / CMS) and didn't find any useful results.

Any ideas?


It is defined in 4.1 of RFC3281

 AttributeCertificate ::= SEQUENCE {
             acinfo               AttributeCertificateInfo,
             signatureAlgorithm   AlgorithmIdentifier,
             signatureValue       BIT STRING

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