Rory Aslop wrote something interesting regarding conferences here:

Defcon always worked out as the most cost effective broad technical training for my penetration testers and technical security teams...[it] gives:

  • cutting edge training
  • direct experience of 'black hat' activities
  • value for money

Are there other comparable conferences (international and not necessarily in English) from an importance and content perspective?


There are many, I searched for some of them in different forums:

  1. HITB Security Conference
  2. Black Hat (various events and conferences every year every where)
  3. B-Sides (much smaller but more populist conference)
  4. The Hacker Conference (first organized in 1984)
  5. Blue Hat (Microsoft Hacker Conference hold twice per year)
  6. Brucon (conferences, training ... once a year, Belgium)
  7. TROOPERS (once per year, Germany)
  8. Growth Hacking Conference (UK)
  9. Virus Bulletin (once per year, coming one by the end of September)
  10. Hack.lu (annual, coming one on 20-22 October 2015, Luxembourg )
  11. NDSS (annual, last one done on February 2015)
  12. nullcon (once a year, last conference done on 06 - 07th Feb 2015, in Delhi and Goa, Asia)
  13. RSA Security Conference (annually in USA)
  14. SecureWorld Expo (annually, USA)
  15. Hacker Halted (annually, placement changes every year)
  16. DeepSec (annually, their conferences are always published on Youtube, Austria)
  17. Hackito Ergo Sum (April of each year, Paris-France)
  18. ICM (more about cryptography)
  19. SIN ACM (annually, next conference on September 8-10, 2015, Russia)
  20. CanSecWest (on March of each year, Canada)
  21. ASIA (annual, cyber security conference, USA)
  22. FSec (annual, coming conference on 14th—16th September 2015, Croatia)