Can anyone tell me how, or if it possible to get nmap to write output to a file if ALL of the ports defined in the scan are open? Such as in a boolean & statement - i.e. 636 & 902 & 5989

For example, I am trying to find all VMware-related ports in a scan by looking for ports 636, 902 and 5989 being open. The scan I am using is

nmap -T5 -sV -P0 -O -iL dc-subnets -p 902,636,5989 --open > vmware

This works fine in that I can see the open ports and the version data shows 'vmware', however I want to concentrate purely on the ports and only write to file the hosts that have all 3 ports open.


I don't believe that nmap has this capability natively within the program, however it would be relatively easy to achieve this goal with a scripting language after the scan has completed.

For an example when using Ruby you could use something like the ruby-nmap gem to parse your output and return a list of hosts that have those three ports open.

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