ESET detected this trojan, but I cannot find any information on the Internet on what it is. Google is only returning links on how to remove it, or what files have been detected to contain it.

Semantec's threat database doesn't have it listed. Same thing with Mcafee's Threat Library.

What website can I go to that will tell me what this trojan does?


You can upload the infected file to VirusTotal and get results from more AVs, maybe you'll get another names for the mallware. For example in this report, the reporter states that is it Trojan.GrayBird - unfortunatelly he does not explain his statement. I you search VirusTotal for "kryptik" there are few comments that it is a fake AV.

Backdoor.Graybird is a back door Trojan Horse that gives its creator unauthorized access to your computer. The existence of the file, Svch0st.exe, is an indication of a possible infection. Backdoor.Graybird is a Delphi application.

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