openssl cms -in demo.p7m -inform DER -verify verifies the signature on a CMS / PKCS7 encoded message but if the cert that did the signing is self-signed I get a "self signed certificate" error. ie. it doesn't seem to actually verify the CMS / PKCS7 signed message.

Any idea how I can verify a CMS / PKCS7 signed message that was signed by a self-signed cert?


#Try "-signer" Add the "-signer" parameter.

Like so:

openssl cms -in demo.p7m -inform DER -verify -signer MYSIGNERCERTIFICATEFILE

EDIT: aint' working.

  • It's not working meh. My P7M file: pastebin.com/8382eEsN(base64 decode it to get actual result) The signing cert: pastebin.com/D4rPmyM9 I still get the "self signed certificate" error. – neubert Aug 22 '15 at 2:19
  • Try -CAfile MYSIGNERCERTIFICATEFILE (instead of -verify MYSIGNERCERTIFICATEFILE). (And: This parameter is case-sensitive. It really must be capitalised as '-CAfile'. Other capitalisations like '-cafile' will NOT work.) -- But I think your demo.p7m is actually empty. – StackzOfZtuff Aug 22 '15 at 8:44

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