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How prevent Javascript from obtaining my location

I usually use a proxy server to browse anonymously. Now I realize that it is possible to find the location of a user using the Geolocation API. How to anonymously browse without disabling Javascript?
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What Steps Does An Anonymous Artist Need To Take to Retain Anonymity? [closed]

I read these questions which had great information: How can I keep my identity anonymous as a website owner/administrator? and How much can I trust Tor?, however I wonder if this is too extreme for my ...
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How secure are Tor circuits?

Sometime ago I was talking with a friend about security of different anonimity software kits. The most famous software we talked about was Tor. While I was talking about the triple secret used in ...
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Can Tor Browser prevent ISP or IT Department at a Work place from knowing what i do while watching a Video online from a work computer (not mine)? [duplicate]

I must change the security settings of Tor browser to the lowest to be able to play a Video online, yet i have not tried it till now. That is why i got to think, whether it is unsafe to play online ...
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How can a malware retrive victim data without compromising the malware owner?

I was wondering how can malware, for example a keylogger, deliver its data without compromising its owner? Because as soon as you know you got a malicious program running on your computer you could ...
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