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Magnet to wipe HDD [duplicate]

This question is for HDD, not SDD. Would a Neodymium magnet like this one be strong enough to wipe the contents of a hard disk drive? How long would such an act take to destroy any data so it's not ...
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How can you securely destroy data permanently and completely? [duplicate]

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What is the best way to recycle an old hard drive that might still have sensitive data? [duplicate]

Six years ago, I got a Seagate Agent Flexgo hard drive, but recently it started showing signs of failure. I was unable to get it formatted. I thought of opening up the inside to find some way of ...
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How can I reliably erase all information on a hard drive?

As storage technologies change over time, using different encodings and remappings to deal with sector errors, the best way to permanently erase/wipe/shred data changes also. Methods for flash drives ...
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How "scrambled" is the data on a RAID5 disk?

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How to securely, physically destroy a hard drive at home?

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Can a hard drive be destroyed by drowning?

These are some ways of disposing of hard drives: Special firms, degaussing, hammering, pulling apart. Can this be accomplished more quickly by drowning it? Fill a bucket with water, maybe add some ...
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How to erase as much as possible an SSD without ATA Secure Erase?

The question is almost completely answered. However, more details are still needed. See Update 2 down here. I've learnt that the ATA Secure Erase is uncorrectly implemented in SSDs (sources are down ...
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Secure hard drive disposal: How to erase confidential information

When it comes to disposing of hardware that may contain PII, confidential, or other sensitive material, how do you determine what needs special handling? What process do you use? I'd like to expand ...
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Completely wiping a HDD (i.e. nothing is recoverable) [duplicate]

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