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What method of secure erase is sufficient for MacBook Pro SSD Drives? [duplicate]

I would like to securely erase the hard drive of a SSD in a MacBook Pro. The Disk Utility does not give me the option to wipe this drive even when I boot into the System Partition. (it is greyed out)...
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How are SSDs different from HDDs from the privacy point of view? [duplicate]

How are SSDs different from HDDs from the privacy point of view? Is it easier or harder to recover traces of deleted and/or wiped (overwritten) files from an SSD than from a HDD?
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How reliable is the method of overwriting deleted files with large files? [duplicate]

In addition to the question posted regarding purging data without formatting and the ability to recover data with forensic tools, how reliable is the method regarding overwriting with large file sets? ...
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Can a deleted file on an SSD with trim enabled be recovered? [duplicate]

I'm just wondering from a security stand point if a deleted file on an SSD with trim enabled can be recovered? I've did some research and it would seem it is impossible unless for some reason trim ...
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Is there any way to safely examine the contents of a USB memory stick?

Suppose I found a USB memory stick lying around, and wanted to examine its contents in an attempt to locate its rightful owner. Considering that USB sticks might actually be something altogether more ...
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How can I reliably erase all information on a hard drive?

As storage technologies change over time, using different encodings and remappings to deal with sector errors, the best way to permanently erase/wipe/shred data changes also. Methods for flash drives ...
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Is it enough to only wipe a flash drive once?

According to the documentation for the "diskscrb" command for wiping conventional hard drives: "Conforms to and exceeds the Government ...
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Is filling up the empty space in a disk with any data enough measure against file recovery

If I have an important data in a disk (flash, SSD or HDD) and I deleted them, I know it is easy to recover these deleted data (even by using free software like recuva. Now if I fill this disk with any ...
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How can files be deleted in a HIPAA-compliant way?

Any material I've come up with for data destruction standards relate to completely wiping (ATA Secure Erase) and physically destroying hard drives, but I haven't been able to find much about standards ...
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Is there a real-world example of SSD data recovery?

Secure data deletion is known to be more complicated and elusive on a solid-state drive than for a regular hard drive. For instance, the logical block mapping on the SSD's flash translation layer ...
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SSD (Flash Memory) security when data is encrypted in place

I'm surveying current techniques on flash memory security. I've learned that the non-in-place update of flash memories prevent us from adapting the same encryption techniques that we used on hard ...
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How to physically destroy an SSD at home?

SSDs seem to be notoriously tricky to properly erase (see for example this question and answers here). An easier and potentially safer solution could be to physically destroy the SSD device. I am ...
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How secure is wiping an encrypted Android device?

based on my previous knowledge, I know that the iPhone has hardware encryption implemented on recent models. When we issue the "Erase all contents and settings" command, the encryption keys are ...
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Is it possible to completely wipe a flash memory? [duplicate]

i have a 64 gb micro SDXC memory card that has sensitive files on it and i want to completely erase it but i heard it was impossible to be sure that your data was erased because of wear leveling ? The ...
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Have anyone tried to extract the encryption key from a SSD?

After reading this forum thread it does not sound like encrypted SSDs provide much protection at all - specifically encryption only occurs between the controller chipset and the NAND storage. Why is ...
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