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Since GET parameters are passed in the url, how can they be secure from someone with access to network logs. He would be able to see what urls are accessed, even if he cannot see the request and ...
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GET Security over HTTPS [duplicate]

I am wondering if using the HTTP GET method over HTTPS to pass a username and password to a middle tier application would be safe. Essentially I am considering using a PHP include statement to ...
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HTTPS request break down [duplicate]

when I hit can my ISP know what I am doing on facebook from my requests? "/profile.php?id=101010101010" "/john....
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Why aren't search engines encrypting search queries? [duplicate]

As you will know most search engines pass the search information url-encoded, i.e a get request with the parameters on it. But given all the fuzz about security and surveillance, why aren't SEs ...
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GET parameters over HTTPS [duplicate]

How are the GET parameters passed? example I Understand the HTTP Connection is started by browser as below 1) Connect with TCP port 80 2) after connection, pass the following over the connection ...
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How is it possible that people observing an HTTPS connection being established wouldn't know how to decrypt it?

I've often heard it said that if you're logging in to a website - a bank, GMail, whatever - via HTTPS, that the information you transmit is safe from snooping by 3rd parties. I've always been a little ...
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Should sensitive data ever be passed in the query string?

Should sensitive data ever be passed via the query string as opposed to the POST request? I realize that the query string will be encrypted, but are there other reasons to avoid passing data in the ...
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Is conveying patient MRN in a web service URL a HIPAA PHI violation?

I'm building a web service to access patient data within our EMR and would like to subscribe to RESTful design principles. However, the idea of including the patient MRN in a GET request makes me ...
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How much does a GET request over HTTPS reveal to an eavesdropper

Correct me if I am wrong, according to HTTP v1.1 a simple CONNECT request initiates a SSL tunnel between the server and a client. its only after the tunnel is created that the complete GET or POST ...
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Mobile authentication with password as param in get request over ssl

I'm building out a new services layer for an existing mobile application. The mobile application authenticates with the existing services layer by providing the user name and password as url params in ...
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Is it okay that a payment app is sending my payment details via a GET request? [duplicate]

I was trying to use a state-owned mobile payment app to conduct some transaction on the internet and, thanks to an error message, I found out that my card number and the amount I'm paying were sent ...
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