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What is safer to use (in general terms), online banking software using the mobile app or using a browser on a desktop OS? [duplicate]

What is safer to use (in general terms), online banking software using the mobile app or using a browser on a desktop OS? I suppose that a mobile app, provided by the bank on a mobile OS seems is ...
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How feasible is it for a CA to be hacked? Which default trusted root certificates should I remove?

This question has been revised & clarified significantly since the original version. If we look at each trusted certificate in my Trusted Root store, how much should I trust them? What factors ...
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Security of an initial redirection from to

Suppose that<foo> systematically redirects to<foo>. I enter in my browser's URL bar, and I see a page load and the URL bar now ...
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Are address bars unphishable?

I've taken, out of curiosity, the Phishing Quiz by OpenDNS that tries to teach the general public about detecting phishing: Ever wonder how good you are at telling the difference between a ...
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Is online banking more secure on iOS than a desktop computer?

Does Apple's iOS provide a more secure environment for online commerce (banking or shopping) than Windows or Mac OS X? Since the only software that can run on iOS must be vetted by Apple, the ...
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Vulnerabilities common only in mobile solutions?

I was wondering if there are any threats for web-applications used on mobile phones that haven't been known in the "full size" browsers earlier. I haven't heard of any serious or common problems that ...
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Does the padlock on my browser really indicate a reasonable assurance against eavesdropping?

I know that there have been broken or weak SSL implementations. Do browsers actually have decent standards for what they'll accept and display "the padlock"? Furthermore, are there any practical ...
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What fields in a suspicious certificate should I look at?

Looking at a certificate for a web-site (in Windows/Google Chrome) I see it lists the following fields Version Serial number Signature algorithm Issuer Valid from Valid to Subject Public Key Basic ...
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Can SSL requests be proxied by issuing a second certificate?

Alice wants to login to her account at However she clicks on a malicious link in an email and instead gets sent to the malicious site The ...
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Safer way to access paypal, Mobile or Pc?

I often find it difficult to chose if it is safer (in any context) to log in to my paypal, or other similar banking accounts using my Nokia or my PC. Maybe, I am assuming the fact, that since I do ...
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