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What is the use of this spam email? [duplicate]

Monday morning, and I've opened my company email box to find this an e-mail with the following message (no HTML, just text/plain - it was sent to a distribution group). Some of the headers: X-Mailer:...
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What is this spam bot trying to do by filling in my PHP forms randomly? [duplicate]

I have been getting a lot of bot spam lately. The most recent one has this as the body: already to standards Address is is required return ? then with local include accurate Another they in ? ...
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Random garbage in phishing [duplicate]

What does it mean when an obvious scam e-mail, possibly "mere" phishing, includes in (whatever we call its signing-off small-print) what looks like a pointless list of dozens, perhaps ...
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Why does the majority of email spam even exist? [duplicate]

This is a serious question and I have thought about it a lot. Not a newbie question. I am unsatisfied with the common answers they try to sell things they try to scam you they try to do phishing they ...
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How does Bayesian poisoning work?

This answer mentions Bayesian poisoning in passing and I've read the wikipedia page but don't feel I've fully grasped it. The first case, where a spammer sends a spam with a payload (link, malicious ...
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How and why do people spam my website form?

In have a web form on my website, and someone keeps sending annoying spam through it. I know Captcha can block this, but why do people spam my site - what's their benefit? How do they access my web ...
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Is there a spam storm? [closed]

I realize this is a bit off-topic, but don't know where else to go to ask... I've gotten an enormous amount of spam in the past 24 hours (hundreds), even after some relatively good spam filters. ...
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What is the point of an attack using spam without any URL or attached file

Recently, I received the following e-mail: Subject: Reply Me...Urgently From: [email protected] From the Desk of Mr. James Kuffor Bank Manager, Ghana. Dear Sir/Madam, ...
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Why do we receive contact form spam with random characters?

For the last two weeks we have been receiving a form of spam through our website contact form that I haven't seen before. It looks like this: Name: iYvNgmpTLwxqaCj Company: lqidQuVNMhIJsz E-...
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Odd spam in a forum

In the forum (same forum that was one of the subjects of this thread) we're seeing a lot of "spam" of a curious sort. Obvious non-native-English speakers ...
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Phishing with links to real site (facebook) - what could they possibly gain? [closed]

I was sent an innocuous and genuine looking e-mail with "Welcome back to Facebook" from the address "[email protected]". I deactivated my account long ago, so was a tad surprised. ...
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Got an e-mail with weird text and an .htm attachment. What does it do?

Here's the text from that e-mail (no subject) 31725714 65 TJBPYEW YBTLI UNILPW FPW J II NSWKW LGKJQBS PVGVQX ZEWW WQUWFZ VT Here's the code from the attachment I extracted with Notepad++: https://...
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SPAM postscript

I have been getting a lot of SPAM lately that have some type of encoded block added to the end. I am wondering if anyone here would know how to decode it. Here is an example: <467>3zunORiRd$...
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Analyzing the body of this spam message [closed]

I recently received this email, from what looks like to be an unprofessional hacker: Cannot display full mail body. You will see it when pushing here Sanitized link. Leads to ...
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