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I use the lastpass password manager. Lastpass can create a password from 10-100 characters. I would like to know what is the recommended value. I had a look a look at some questions like this and I ...
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Good Password Length [duplicate]

If you are looking to be careful and your passwords include all the types of characters, what is the ideal password length?
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ICloud and Quality Password [duplicate]

How many 'random' characters should my iCloud password be if it were going up against the BEST hackers and the best hacking software?
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How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the database,...
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How safe are password managers like LastPass?

I use LastPass to store and use my passwords, so I do not have duplicate passwords even if I have to register four to five different accounts a day, and the passwords are long. How safe are password ...
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Client side password hashing

Edit: Updated to put more emphasis on the goal - peace of mind for the user, and not beefing up the security. After reading through a few discussions here about client side hashing of passwords, I'm ...
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Does the average user really need a password manager?

I'd describe myself as an average tech savvy computer user. I have many accounts in forums, shopping sites, etc where I recycle two moderately strong password with small variation. These are account ...
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Should I have a maximum password length?

I'm creating a webapp, and part of my authentication method is password length. Should I put one in place? (say, 50 characters?) Or should I just put a minimum length (Currently at 6). Are there ...
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Password strength and banks 4 pin code?

Why is it that some security advisers recommend using an 8 character password with upper, lower, digits, and symbols while banks only use a 4 digit number pin for debit and 3 digit pin for credit card?...
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How to protect myself from cyberbullying?

I want to learn how can I protect my PC from getting hacked in order to protect myself from cyberbullying. There is an intruder who has hacked my system over the last 4 years. He has hacked my all ...
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Do long password actually help protect your accounts on websites attacks

We are told to use password that are long with high complexity to prevent attackers from using brute force attacks on our accounts The thing is that many websites will pick this up and either ...
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A new Facebook password reset bug?

Based on this and this articles, the writer claims to be able to compromise about 2 millions accounts by using reset code feature, and brute forcing the 6-digits reset code. I have to main questions ...
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