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Can adblocker plus read your sensitive data or spy you? [duplicate]

Do adblockers read your sensitive data? I'm referring to this, its open-source but I feel worried.
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Can Chrome Extensions steal OAuth tokens from redirect-uri? [duplicate]

This is a duplicate of a stack overflow question, since it might apply more to security and authentication best practices. I'm working on auth between a Chrome Extension, Google Cloud Platform, and ...
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Can a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) read the web console log?

I realized that my bank handles sensitive information in the web console log, so my concern is if any browser extension could read the log?
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Why do Chrome extensions need access to 'all my data' and 'browsing activity'?

Often I install simple add-ons for Google Chrome. However, they almost all need what appears to me as excessive access to my data. For instance, I install an extension that allows me to click on any ...
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How was my Yahoo email account used to send spams

My yahoo email account was sending spams at about 6:42pm EDT (the spams show 3:42pm PDT) yesterday. I realized it by receiving several "Failure Notice" emails for Yahoo was unable to deliver the spam ...
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are chrome extensions in the Chrome store generally safe?

Should I ever be worried about installing any chrome extension from the Chrome store? A lot of the Chrome extensions I have, have the permission "Read and change all your data on the websites you ...
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What are the effects of the Chrome Web Developer extension hijack?

Today, the owner of the rather popular Web Developer toolbar noticed it had been hijacked and replaced with a malicious version. He disabled it, but the malicious version (diff) had been in the wild ...
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Firefox vs. Chrome extensions: Which are---ceteris paribus---more secure?

As an 'extension' to earlier questions on this topic (for instance here and here), What makes Firefox extensions (appear) more secure than Chrome extensions? Do they just appear to be more secure, or ...
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How do I check the code of a Chrome extension to make sure it's not stealing my info?

I've been reading more and more about just how much access browser extensions can have to your data. This is a little unsettling, so I'm curious if there is a way to Vet these extensions and make sure ...
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Chrome extension security

I want to install a Chrome extension called metamask. I do not trust this kind of software. (Maybe because I am a newbie) What can a Chrome extension do on my computer? Is it possible, for example, ...
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I found a browser extension I don't trust installed, should I worry?

Someone told me that their Firefox had a strange new menu bar. I found that it was “FindYourMaps”. FindYourMaps is a deceptive browser toolbar that supposedly allows users to find driving ...
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