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Are there actions taken against websites that deliver malware?

There are serious tools and services such as Google Safe Browsing for malicious and phishing websites, and others fully dedicated to phishing websites such as What is done against these ...
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Unknown malware, how to report it and whom to report it to?

I'm a professional Windows system administrator, but I've been caught off-guard (or maybe some malware writer has been very clever) and I caught some unknown malware on my home computer (Windows 7 x64 ...
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What are common/official methods of reporting spam/phishing/nasty-grams to organizations?

A user of mine just received a phishing email claiming to be the IRS. What methods of reporting are available, and what should be included?
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How do I report new malware?

I have a new piece of malware that isn't detected by current anti-virus vendors. How do I report it to them? I want to do a good turn and help protect as many people as possible. What is the best ...
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I found a malicious website embedded in Malware spam. What should I do?

An email is using social engineering to get users to click on a malicious URL that downloads javascript and then runs malicious code. Who should I report these malicious URLs to? (Microsoft Security, ...
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Is this a phishing attempt? if yes where to report?

I received strange email from co-worker, asking me to click the link. I did eventually follow the link, but thought putting in my gmail user/pass wasn't wise. What do you think? is this phishing ...
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Compromised server redirecting only requests from Google

I found something very suspicious. When connecting to following a Google link, the server redirects you to some very dubious site that sends you a .exe file right away: # host ...
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Best way to handle identity theft incident?

A user's email is hacked, contacts copied, and similar emails (look alike emails with minor spelling differences) are created by the attacker with the same name and avatar, sending relatively well ...
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What is a good method to report security breaches that are being used to actively spam?

I received an email the other day purporting to be from a bank I hadn't even heard of, so I decided to poke around. On some quick investigation, it looks like something has just latched onto some poor ...
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How to get help from an ISP to take down a phishing campaign?

My company is suffering from a phishing campaign. Over the last two months we have tried to issue a take down to the ISPs ( and – both of them seem to ...
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fake website used for phishing purposes

Our real web site is Recently Intel notified us of another web site having some parts of the site appearing the same as our real site. This is obviously a phishing site. Not ...
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I know where I downloaded a virus, should I report it somewhere [duplicate]

I was installing pytool forge and accidentally downloaded virus (clicked wrong link). Should I report this link somewhere? Are there plans to create global virus police task force? I am sorry, it is ...
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Honeypot URL and reporting site

Is there some sort of tool list that can work with Apache/NGinx/etc that has a list of "honeypot" URLs such as /HNAP1/ that when it gets detected in the logs of the web server then it will ...
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