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How does TLS stop an ISP from spying on you [duplicate]

Here is what I understand about how clients trust the tcp channels they are connected to. Alice asks Bob for his certificate, signed by a CA's private key Bob sends the certificate, which includes ...
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Can my VPN provider see my browsing activities on SSL sites? [duplicate]

I gather they can probably see everything if they want to on non-SSL sites but how about on SSL sites, can they do it?
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Is it safe to use HTTPS websites over an unknown PPTP VPN? [duplicate]

I want to create e.g a Gmail account while connected to an unknown PPTP VPN. Is it safe, or can the owner of the PPTP VPN see my Gmail web page information, such as username or password, at all? Can ...
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Does HTTPS mean that packets can't be read by intermediaries (like listeners at a VPN node, for instance)? [duplicate]

Say I'm using a VPN to talk with a server, and Bob is eavesdropping for packets at the VPN. Basically a special kind of man-in-the-middle attack. If I'm using HTTPS, how clever would Bob have to be to ...
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Can my company see what HTTPS sites I went to?

At work my company uses internet monitoring software (Websense). I know if I visit a https ssl-encrypted site (such as they can't see what I'm doing on the site since all ...
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Is it common practice for companies to MITM HTTPS traffic?

My company has just introduced a new VPN policy whereby once connected all traffic is routed the company network. This is to allow for improved monitoring of data theft. It would appear that this ...
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What information can my ISP see when I visit a website? [duplicate]

For example, when I enter this URL: or I can see the word example that I was searching on Google. Can the ISP see this ...
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How can I detect HTTPS inspection?

In my company I do use my computer for private things like online banking and personal email during lunch time. I've always thought that when Firefox shows me the green lock symbol that a valid HTTPS ...
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Can VPN provider see my data?

I have a 2 questions: If I use a VPN and I go to any websites via HTTP - does VPN provider will be able to see the traffic? Those. logins, passwords, all the texts that pass through the channel (in ...
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How does SSL Proxy server in company work?

Many companies use a network proxy in order to intercept web-based traffic for example. I have some questions about their functioning: 1) I've never seen SSL warning in company. I doubt that they ...
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Deep Packet Inspection SSL : How DPI appliances prevent certificates warnings?

How Deep packet inspection (DPI) tools prevent from certificates warnings through decrypt and re encrypting packets ?
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Can VPN change my data packets?

I don't know the details of VPN, I always imagine that's a middle point between me and server(internet). And VPN point always receive my(and from server's) data packets. So the thing I want to know is ...
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Cisco Anyconnect Company VPN

I am currently working remotely and logging into my machine in the office through Cisco AnyConnect VPN. I was wonder what information can the company see. For example, do they have access to my ...
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