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What is the difference between authenticity and non-repudiation?

I'm new to infosec and doing some reading. Not surprisingly one starting point was wikipedia. In this article, authenticity and non-repudiation are listed as 2 separate 'Basic concepts'. My ...
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Why not RSA-encrypt the entire document?

I have recently learned of a way for person B to verify that a document sent from person A is indeed from person A. Person A gives Person B his public RSA key. This must be done reliably. Person A ...
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Online banking proof of transaction for vertification in court

So, when i do an online payment transaction i "sign" my transaction with my digipass using some sort of a MAC (HMAC) with a shared key and some information that is unique for this transaction. But ...
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Reason for using Asymmetric encryption along with SHA256

I got a document with integration with another application. They mentioned I need to hash and then encrypt data with my private key before sending it over HTTPS. By doing this, they are making sure ...
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Difference between interception, spoofing, falsification and repudiation [closed]

In very layman's terms AFAIK security threats are classified into four broad categories namely Interception or Snooping or Sniffing Spoofing Falsification and Repudiation I could get few related ...
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If non-repudiation is impossible why do digital signature exist

Since non-repudiation is impossible to achieve purely by software why do digital signature exists? Let me clarify a bit (this part is from eschaefe book pg 64): 1. When B connects to website A he ...
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Confidentiality and integrity

Users permissions and privilege should be considered as a part of confidentiality (specifically access control) or integrity? And I'm also wondering if we can categorize Accountability, Authenticity ...
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How to prove a user is actually the perpetrator of certain actions?

TL;DR : What is the best and most "by the book" way to accheive non repudiation of origin. I have a system in which users can perform actions (register/unregister/...) Those actions are signed by my ...
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2fa attestation object for non-repudiation

I am reading on digital signatures: A valid digital signature gives a recipient reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender (authentication), that the sender cannot deny ...
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How to implement a digital signature for 21 CFR Part 11 for non repudiation

I would like to know what is the best way to implement a digital signature to achive Non-Repudation to acomplish 21-CFR-Part11-SubpartC-11.100.part-c. Anybody has implemented this for 21 CFR 11? Non ...
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Understanding Digital Signature

I have just learned Digital Signature and am trying to ensure that I have got my understanding of Digital Signature on the correct track. Assume Alice wants to send a message (M) to Bob where the ...
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symetric encryption and signature [closed]

asymetric key is normally used for signature for non repudiation. But what if one uses EMV CAP in TDS mode as described here ? Is non ...
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