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Does it still make sense to encrypt data over SSL? [duplicate]

I understand that SSL connections already has its layer of encryption to protect data transmitted between a client and server. Assuming that my connection has SSL, does it still make sense for me to ...
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Using different algorithms to slow down GPU password cracking [duplicate]

I have some job related files I have already compressed with 7Z. I have protected each with good 10 character passwords consisting of upper, and lower cases, numbers and special characters. And I ...
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Is it viable to encrypt a 'bitlocked' drive again? [duplicate]

If one had an encrypted drive using Bitlocker, is it worth it to encrypt that drive again using another tool like VeraCrypt? Does this provide an extra layer of protection? Not a duplicate of a ...
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Should I use own constants when using well known hashing algorithms?

I understand that it is important to use well known and well tested hashing algorithms instead of designing my own. For such there often are reference implementations available, which initialize the ...
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Protecting my encryption algorithm if the attacker knows the key

Today our programming professor challenged us to make a text encryption program: we will hand him a program that only encrypts (not the source code), plus a ciphertext generated by it. We win if he ...
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Is it safe to store VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt container inside RAR - could this method corrupt the file?

I need to split my container into smaller files. So plan is this: I create RAR archive and let it split into about 10 smaller archives, no compression and I also add password for extra security. Is ...
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AES or Serpent-Twofish-AES [closed]

I want to encrypt my private stuff like credit cards, money, RSA private keys (and so on) but I don't know if I should use AES-256 only or in combo like Serpent-Twofish-AES (I am using Veracrypt). ...
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What is the problem with multiple encryption and how do you know if you have decrypted a cipher?

I have 2 questions that are somewhat related: When you try and guess the key in a program (in a brute force way), how does the program know if it got it right and it had deciphered the message (I'm ...
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Is encrypting something more than once safer than hashing more than once?

I am aware of the implications that hashing something more than once correctly will increase the security of a system, but doing it incorrectly will decrease it, as noted here and on various other ...
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Is stacking encryption a good idea for a file system?

Somewhat related to a previous question, is stacking encryption under and via file systems a good idea? For example, dm-crypt for the device, and then eCryptfs or veracrypt for the file system. If ...
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Transmit ciphers using plain HTTP

This is for end-to-end app, where the server is just 'dumb' temporary storage. I'm considering using plain HTTP (no TLS) to transmit ciphertexts due to the following reasons: Security of a single ...
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Multiple encryption

my threat model is this: I need to encrypt some private data. I am currently using VeraCrypt for that. But I know that in the future, some flaws can be found in certrain encryption algorithm (like ...
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