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I have analyzed a large PDF using Didier Steven's pdfid tool. I get the following result: Now that I know there is malicious content in the PDF, what can I do to remove it? I would still like to view ...
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Is this a safe way to open a PDF file? [duplicate]

I have recieved an email with a pdf file whose content I want, but I'm not exactly sure what the source of it is. In gmail, I have two options: "Download" and "Save to Drive". I'm assuming it means ...
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how to safely open files downloaded with tor? [duplicate]

If I download a file (PDF,doc,image,video etc) with a tails/tor setup, how can I ensure the file doesn't "call home" or isnt imbedded with malware (other than looking at the hash)? Will a ...
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Is it safe to open "suspect" pdf files in virtual machine? [duplicate]

I became aware recently that Javascript scripts can be embedded in PDF files. Anyway, I have a pdf file which I suspect is not safe to open. I scanned it with VirusTotal and Kaspersky VirusDesk and ...
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How can I download and read a file that might be spear fishing? [duplicate]

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Can a PDF file contain a virus?

Could a PDF file contain any type of malware?
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Can a computer get infected with malware by viewing a PDF online?

Is it possible for a computer to be infected by viewing the link to a PDF file without downloading it? For example, if I opened a link on a website such as (not a ...
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How to safely watch pirated movies, open infected files?

I know pirated movies .avi, .mp4 etc can contain a payload to exploit the media player been used to open the movie, or any file pdf office documents. I use Linux but assume that's unsafe. What's a ...
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Is there a safe alternative to PDF?

As PDF may contain malicious code, is there any easy to use file format providing the same features ? If not, could you share recommendations to limit the attack surface for average users ? (exclude ...
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Safe way to open potentially compromised attachments [duplicate]

I have in my inbox what I believe to be (95% sure) a phishing attack email or my IT department doing a phishing attack knowledge awareness campaign. I'm a very curious person by nature and I'd like ...
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