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How do you prevent/guard against a wireless disassociation attack [duplicate]

Going over the security+ lectures by professor Messer here, he explains and demonstrates a wireless disassociation attack very well. But no where in the video does he explain how this type of attack ...
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How to prevent WiFi jammer attack? [duplicate]

How can I prevent a WiFi jammer attack on my wireless network? For example if I send a deauth (deauthentication) packet with aircrack-ng on Kali Linux for a specific client, he/she can't use WiFi. ...
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How does Wifi Blocking work? Can it be detected / prevented? [duplicate]

Marriott was accused of blocking personal Wifi access points by deauthenticat[ing] packets sent to targeted access points and thus to disrupt access to individual hotspots. Question How does ...
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Prevention against De-Auth Attack for Handshake Capturing [duplicate]

As far as I know about De-authentication attack, the attacker sends de-auth packets to both router and the victim asking the victim to disconnect and reconnect. But I wonder what would happen if I ...
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Can someone get my WPA2 password with honeypots?

Yesterday I went to my cousin's home and I saw that I'm not connected to his wireless (for internet access). Then I have looked up the list of wireless points. I have found his name and clicked it ...
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How does deauthing work in aireplay-ng?

I have a question of how aireplay-ng works when it deauths. I mean, it is really easy to disconnect another client from an AP: you just need to run the deauth command (in aireplay-ng) once, specifying ...
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Why does a deauth attack work on WPA2 despite encryption?

Given that WiFi packets should be encrypted if WPA2 is used, why is it that a deauth attack can be successful? Shouldn't the machine know that the message is illegitimate due to the fact that it would ...
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WPA3 announced. Really needed?

It seems Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3 for the end of 2018. Anybody knows exactly what is new? features, security improvements, etc... Is it because of Krack attack? I thought patching WPA2 is enough....
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Detect / Prove and Prevent Wifi Deauth attack

I suspect that my neighbor is running multiple Wifi deauth flood attacks against my Wifi. I'm using WPA2 and I don't think he can really crack my password, but my devices keep having wifi connection ...
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Caught Deauth attempt on wireless network last night. Suggestions on what to do from this point?

Last night around 3-4 am I had noticed my network acting funky.. I flipped my wireless card into monitor mode and boom there was a rogue AP. I then acknowledged that I had seen them and mimic'd the ...
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De-auth attack Reason codes and possible reaction

I am learning about Deauth attacks and how they work. I see that the Deauth frame has a reason code which indicates the reason for the deauth. I have tested the attack with aircrack-ng and this reason ...
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How to mitigate evil twin WIFI social engineering attack?

I just come across this article: Capturing WPA Passwords by Targeting Users with a Fluxion Attack. Although WIFI Evil Twin attack and WIFI de-authentication attacks is known for a long time, a ...
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Tools or recipe usable by a non-professional to check their Wifi security for common issues?

For many years I've been careful on Wifi. I haven't know how to secure it properly, so it stayed on an isolated NIC of a good router with normal WPA2-PSK and full WAN access but no LAN access at all, ...
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Is there a way to protect against mdk3 attacks?

I've got a home network using Wi-Fi. Someone is using mdk3 and disconnects users from the Access Point, whether they are Android or Windows Phone or Windows 10 desktop or Apple computers. Is there a ...
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My network stops working when a certain network appears, am I being hacked?

Just to be honest, I know very little about wireless networks and wifi. My problem is that recently I've noticed that when I'm at home, sometimes another unknown network called "Black Parasite" shows ...
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