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Where do my keys come from for requests over SSL? [duplicate]

From what I understand, when you send information to a website over SSL, you encrypt the information you send with their public key. However, if you want to be able to decrypt the information they ...
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SSL can stop MiTMs ... but on the long run, can it really? [duplicate]

SSL uses CAs which sign certificates for the domains after they validate that the person requesting is truly the owner and by a public/private key pair a encrypted connection is achieved which cant be ...
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How does SSL work? Simpler Explanation? [duplicate]

I'd like to explain my understanding first then ask a question. This question is meant as a simpler overview of other question..and talks about implication and not process as much. My understanding ...
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How the process of SSL handshake works? [duplicate]

I have been trying to understand the working of SSL. I know that any https website has a digital certificate with it. So when the client requests something from the server, the server sends with ...
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How do "certificates" hold "keys"? [duplicate]

I am new to the realm of security and keep hearing about "certificates" containing "keys". But no one has been able to actually explain to me what is actually meant by this. I assume that the ...
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How self signed certificate works in https connection establishment [duplicate]

OS/Browser have Public Keys of all trusted CAs. Eg mozilla foundation have a list of 50+ trusted CA means that mainly the public key is already present in the browser. Now....some site say ...
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what prevents replay of an mTLS client cert [duplicate]

during playing with nginx "ssl_verify_client optional_no_ca" i made the discovery that it does not very the cert signature of a self signed cert. I think this is the intended behaviour, ...
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Concepts of PKI Encryption and Digital Signature Authentication [duplicate]

I am trying to understand how SSL uses PKI and Digital Signature authentication to ensure secure and verified communications. I've read various sources online and from what I can tell the basic ...
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Why is subject verification an effective means to detect MitM attacks in TLS? [duplicate]

Say, an attacker fakes an original server certificate by a trusted CA using a another certificate from the same CA in a Man-in-the-middle attack. Why can this be detected using subject verification on ...
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Hash and Encryption in Browser [duplicate]

I have viewed the security certificate for a website in my Browser and it is using SHA256 hash and RSA 2048 encryption. My understanding is that my input will be converted into hash and it will be ...
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How SSL/TLS identify a legitimate user? [duplicate]

My question is what happen if an attacker takes an encrypted packet from the network and send it on his/her behalf to the server. How server will identify that it is not a legitimate user. In HTTP ...
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Question about HTTPS [duplicate]

I have a question about HTTPS, which I need help understanding. So if I type: and as the connection is encrypted, will someone in the middle (say my ISP or someone who ...
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Must one have SSL certificates for each domain, to use HTTPS? [duplicate]

I read in the following passage in this DigitalOcean article, concerning HTTP/2: Even though HTTP/2 does not require encryption, developers of two most popular browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla ...
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Mandadory checks a client should make to verify a ssl/tls certificate [duplicate]

Let's say I have a client, not a browser, that wants to connect with https to a server. It could be a python program, an android app or a library etc. Suppose the client has a list of trusted CAs and ...
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technical difference between TLS and a certificate [duplicate]

I don't quite understand what the difference is between TLS and a certificate. TLS secures the transmission by encrypting the data. So normally no man in the middle attack is possible and nobody else ...
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