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Is HTTPS URL in plain text at first connection? [duplicate]

Let’s say I have never connected to the site If this site is https and I write will the URL be sent in clear text since it's the first time I connect ...
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In SSL server handshake, does server also send CA certificate [duplicate]

In the TCP SSL sever handshake, does the server also send CA certificates? Does the server need to send all intermediate CA certificates in the Server Hello?
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Can a phishing website use the original (HTTPS, TLS) certificate? [duplicate]

If one has a phishing website that uses the original certificate that was obtained by accessing that website, can an attack fool users to believe they are accessing legitimate websites? If not, how ...
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Why does SSL use both asymmetric cryptography and symmetric cryptography algorithms together? [duplicate]

SSL uses both asymmetric cryptography and symmetric cryptography. Why can't it, or why doesn't it, just use one of them?
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What's the point of the pre-master key? [duplicate]

In SSL, the client generates a pre-master key from random data from itself and also the server. It then encrypts this with the server's public key, sends it to the server and then both client and ...
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In a browser web server communication, who decides which encryption protocol to use [duplicate]

My IE browser has SSLv3.0, TLS 1.0,1.1 and 1.2 enabled in the advanced settings. And (I was informed by my server admin) my web server can encrypt data in SSLv3.0 and TLS 1.0 Now which system (...
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How does the SSL connection protocol work with self-signed certificate? [duplicate]

I'm using the self-signed certificate, but I don't know how this protocol works. I connect two apps with a socket SSL and it works fine. The server is a Python app and the client is an Android app. I ...
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SSL protocol : Port 443 [duplicate]

I want to use the SSL protocol. SSL protocol uses port 443. During the initial handshake does the communication occur on port 80 or does the handshake start on port 443? If not during the initial ...
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How do session keys in public key cryptography work? [duplicate]

I have read that a session key is symmetric, and it is encrypted by recipient's public key; When "Bob" receives a message, does he decrypt it with his private key and he's then in possession of an ...
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How does the Certificate Authority work [duplicate]

I'm learning how the Certificate Authority work and have a question. As my understanding, the Certificate Authority can guarantee that the client get the true public-key: Saying that I'm a server and ...
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Does HTTPS allow replay attack on authentication request? [duplicate]

If I sent a username and the password to a website over HTTPS, is it possible that someone on the net would save this request and re-send it later to authenticate on the website?
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Why is it not possible to fake a digital certificate? [duplicate]

When a client accesses an HTTPS webpage, (please correct me if I'm wrong), it just checks whether the certificate of that website has been signed by a trusted CA or not, but does not ask directly the ...
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Question About HTTPS Security [duplicate]

I recently read about how HTTPS work and I have some questions to clarify. Pardon me if this sounds silly but I just need to get this clear. Correct me if I am wrong. I got to know that as part of ...
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How is man-in-the-middle attack prevented in TLS? [duplicate]

As I understand the original master key, which is used to encrypt the application data is never transmitted over the wire and it is calculated on both client and server individually using a hashing-...
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Why are SSL handshakes secure and why can't a hacker look at that and decrypt the data? [duplicate]

If I understand right, there is a "handshake" where both the server and the browser verify who they are and agree on an encryption key. Why cannot a hacker just watch the network for the keys going ...
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