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How secure are sha256 + salt hashes for password storage [duplicate]

I started reading about password hashing recently on multiple sites like this page on crackstation and others, and for what I have understood, I should avoid using hashing algorithms like md5 and sha1 ...
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How is hashing safe if a given string always generates the same hash? [duplicate]

I am a newbie to hashing, and I understand that MD5 (I know it's broken) and SHA-1 are all fixed hashing algorithms, but given that most passwords are dictionary words or other similar passwords, what'...
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What is the purpose of slowing down the calculation of a password hash? [duplicate]

Why would you choose to slow down the calculation of a password hash?
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If multiple users on the same website all use the same password, is their password hash the same? [duplicate]

My basic knowledge would assume yes, unless websites somehow include the user name into the hashing function with the password, but I am not sure if this is common practice.
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Store password using sha1 [duplicate]

I've been using the sha1() function to hash password before inserting it into my database. But I have this procedure so that it just won't be the password to be hashed. My page would register a user ...
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which hashing algorithm is better to use to store a password, sha256 or sha512? [duplicate]

which hashing algorithm is better to use to store a password, sha256 or sha512? I know that sha512 is more secure than sha256 but I was wondering if it has some disadvantages or it is completely ...
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Is my hashing method secure? [duplicate]

I use bcrypt (32 rounds) and once the hash is produced, I get the sha512 of that hash and I then hash that with blow fish and once that is done, I hash it again with sha512 with a salt that has been ...
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How to provide security for passwords stored in Database? [duplicate]

Passwords of end Users are stored in Database which is encrypted (using one way hash like MD5). Apart from me, there are 'other' people belonging to other teams who have access to Database which means ...
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Is this a secure way of storing passwords? [duplicate]

So a couple years ago when I was learning basic back-end web development, I found a tutorial for creating a basic log in system. I haven't done much modification to the code since, but I have the ...
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How to decrypt a password for recovery with php [duplicate]

I have a website that people can sign up for and sign in to. I would like to implement a password recovery system that sends you the decrypted password. When the user signs up, the password is salted ...
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Which hashing algorithm is ideal for use on the web? [duplicate]

I am new here, and have poked around the site looking for an overview of which hash algorithm to use on the web and why. It seems to be the consensus that SHA-256 or other SHA-2 family algorithms are ...
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Is using 100,000 iterations of sha256 good enough for password storage? [duplicate]

I am creating a web app, and I was wondering if it would be secure to use 100,000 iterations of sha256 for storing passwords? I know that there are algorithms such as scrypt and bcrypt, however, I was ...
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Can you encrypt a password using that password itself? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to securely hash passwords? https security - should password be hashed server-side or client-side? I need to make a request to a web server, the only information I have ...
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Is this password hashing + salt method the most secure way possible? [duplicate]

I am just wondering what all the security experts think of my method for password hashing. I want to come up with a method I can use for all my future web development projects. First I create a ...
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Increasing the Calculation Cost of Hashing [duplicate]

Is this a secure way to increase the calculation cost of md5 or sha1? public static byte[] increaseHashComplexityMd5(byte[] hash, int loops) { for(int loop = 1; loop <= loops; loop++) { ...
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