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Which password is more secure? [duplicate]

Which password is harder to guess/brute-force: onlysmallletters! Ez65);k And also, can you explain your answer?
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How secure are passwords made of whole english sentences

I often read as an advice to build strong passwords, just to think about a sentence and then take the initial letters. For example take a nonsense sentence like "I watch Grey's Anatomy at 9.40" gives ...
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Is LUKS still an effective option for consumer FDE considering Elcomsoft can break it?

I use Fedora Linux and was recently looking into doing Full Disk Encryption on data drives such as /home on some of my / my family's PCs. I understand that LUKS security will be partially dependent on ...
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Do salts have to be random, or just unique and unknown?

First of all, my objective is to avoid storing the salt in the database as plain text. As far as this question is concerned, the salt is not stored in the database. After discussion in comments and in ...
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Calculating password entropy?

Whenever I look at password entropy, the only equation I ever see is E = log2(RL) = log2(R) * L, where E is password entropy, R is the range of available characters, and L is the password length. I ...
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How secure is Snowden's MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY password?

In an extra from Edward Snowden's interview with John Oliver, Snowdon advises that a good password to use is one such as MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY.. Also, on the Errata Security blog, Robert Graham ...
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Attacks on keys generated with low entropy

If I were to give someone a two 4096 bits keys, and say one was generated in a Linux OS with very very low entropy available, and one was generated in a Linux OS with more than enough entropy. Would ...
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How much should I change my 64 character TrueCrypt password?

I got a TrueCrypt container which is using a 64 character password. This password contains all the different kind of characters available to me (upper case, lower case, digits, special). It's taken ...
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Does entropy apply to passwords generation when some passwords are more likely? [duplicate]

Entropy is a standard measure of the complexity of a password generation. The standard way to calculate entropy is to take the probability p of a password being generated and take the sum of p*log2(p) ...
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Is there any good way of calculating a brain-generated password's entropy?

After reading this post, I understand that a password's entropy depends on the assumptions made when it is to be attacked (e.g. if it is generated randomly from a list of 2048 words, etc.). Let's ...
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