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Why to use username and password instead of just a long password? [duplicate]

Why do most websites use the pair of username and password as we can just use a long password like a token to identify a user? A simple example: On the server, we create a JSON file with user data ...
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Why don't we use single input authentication? [duplicate]

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Difference between authentication and identification [Crypto and Security perspective]

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Should usernames be kept secret?

Help me settle an discussion among colleagues and guide future design: Even in a high impact scenario: e.g. protecting payment application or government gateway but in an Internet accessible ...
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Does the new Danish authentication solution for online contact with municipality etc. genuinely use 2FA?

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Is a password really necessary? [closed]

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Using only password to authenticate user (no "username" field)

I am creating a client access system, to allow manage invoices, make payments, access information about their products and information/functionality alike. Supposedly there are less than 1000 clients....
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Protect key-streched hashes from rainbow tables?

I have a database table with accounts. I'm using PBKDF2 to create hashes from passwords. The passwords are of the correcthorsebatterystaple type, so we assume they are secure and unique. There are no ...
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Single randomly generated passphrase for both identity and authentication

There are questions about using a password only to identify and authenticate a user, rather than an email address or username plus password: Why do we authenticate by prompting a user to enter both ...
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