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How much can I trust Tor?

How much can I depend on Tor for anonymity? Is it completely secure? My usage is limited to accessing Twitter and Wordpress. I am a political activist from India and I do not enjoy the freedom of ...
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What's the best way to make my internet traffic anonymous?

Recently I have thought more and more about how to make my Internet traffic anonymous. Not for illegal reasons, but just to stop leaving information about me. The methods I know of to anonymize my ...
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Anonymous web browser. Is it real?

Do anonymous browsers work? What principles do they use? Can I use them to test access to my web site? Can I detect if a visitor is using one? What is the different between traditional and anonymous ...
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Surfing anynomously

For work I often go to China, and there I met some dissidents I would like to help. I need to upload some videos to an ftp server in Europe. I will connect through a public hotspot without ...
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How to avoid leaving any local trace that I went to a website?

I want to visit a web site, but I want to ensure there is no trace left on my computer that I did so. How do I do that? This question is not concerned with anonymity or detection on the network side,...
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Does Google log my activity on service A when logged in to service B or by IP address?

Now that Google's new Privacy Policy will combine data from their various services... Will Google associate me to my activity on one service even if I am not logged in to that service? Did they ...
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Does Java applets reveal the real IP address, even when using proxy or vpn?

Can a Java applet reveal the original client IP address, when browsing through a proxy or a VPN? Why?
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How prevent Javascript from obtaining my location

I usually use a proxy server to browse anonymously. Now I realize that it is possible to find the location of a user using the Geolocation API. How to anonymously browse without disabling Javascript?
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Ways to obfuscate web browsing habits [duplicate]

Web browsing metadata provides a lot of insight on person's habits. How can I reduce that insight? Is there something like "Detachment 2702" ( plugin for ...
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Is authentication through proxy sites safer?

usually in office or wherever whenever we are blocked with gmail and facebook websites,we used to browse the site with the proxy sites,we used to pass our login data through proxy sites,my question is ...
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