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PHP malware/shell keeps resurrecting [duplicate]

So I've been fighting this problem for months now and decided that it's beyond my limited (if at all) server skills, and that I need help from the pros. I have a VPS (with root access) which hosts ...
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Hacked Ubuntu server, probably hacked commands (netstat, ps, ...), how to replace them? [duplicate]

An Ubuntu server of my company has been hacked to carry out a DoS attack. I found the shellshock bug had not been fixed by my colleagues, and I think it's the problem. Then, I found an ELF file that ...
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What is nuke it from orbit? [duplicate]

I was reading this Windows 2003 Enterprise infected by Conficker; post-infection problems continue And they talk about nuking it from orbit (which apparently means wiping out the system and starting ...
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Bought a used surface book online, any security precautions to take? [duplicate]

I have purchased a used surface book from Ebay, unpackaged and ran the device. The low price of the device lured me in despite my adverse attitude to used devices. Is there anything I need to perform ...
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Should I be concerned if the "FBI" has logged onto my Ubuntu VPS?

Yesterday, I was performing a bit of general maintenance on a VPS of mine, using the IPMI console my host provided. Upon setting up SSH keys again via the IPMI console, I logged in via SSH and was ...
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What to do when I found a spyware that my spouse has installed?

Today I was trying to uninstall some application and I was very surprised to see this entry in my applications list Then I try to find what is this and I finally found it in "Program Files"....
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Should I change all my passwords due to heartbleed [duplicate]

Should I change all of my online passwords due to the heartbleed bug? Edit: I found a list of vulnerable sites on GitHub and checked all my critical sites. Everything I was really concerned with ...
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How can I safely back-up files from an infected computer?

Imagine a laptop that's been infected by malware, and that the owner hasn't backed-up their files.* They have pictures, videos, and documents they'd like to preserve, so they're hesitant to ...
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Can a Trojan horse hide its activity from TCPView?

Can a Trojan horse hide its activity from TCPView? I've done a little research before asking, but I still can't find the answer for this. I know that a Trojan horse can hide from the Windows Task ...
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ESET warns: Skype attempting to communicate with unknown remote computer

I am frequently getting warnings from my ESET firewall, like that pictured below, that Skype is attempting to communicate over SSL with a remote computer that has an untrusted certificate: The remote ...
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Can we trust the information displayed by the linux utility commands for a vulnerable machine?

After checking a vulnerable linux machine for rootkit and deleting them, we need to get some informations about the process , port ,incoming or outgoing connections... , using some useful commands as ...
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How to replace certain backup files on a website every 30 minutes? [closed]

I have a website built with WordPress, unfortunately somebody hacked it several times, deleted my adsense code and put his own adsense. I tried many security techniques, changed database name, did ...
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Windows 2003 Enterprise infected by Conficker; post-infection problems continue

I used various tools to remove Conficker, and I pretty much succeeded, but I've had recurring problems afterward. It won't update anymore (with the following error message: 0x800706B5) I tried ...
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My computer was being remotely controlled by someone. Can find no viruses

Walking back to my computer (Windows 10), I noticed that my browser's history tab had just opened without me touching it and I thought I saw my cursor moving around. I had no control over my mouse ...
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How to remove ssh rootkits? [duplicate]

I checked my linux server with rkhunter, I got following warning messages, ... [00:35:35] Found file '/usr/include/gpm2.h'. Possible rootkit: Trojaned SSH daemon [00:35:35] ...
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